I use these tools to help manage my online presence, as well as my clients.

I think you will find them useful, too.


Google Drive

Since I work primarily off-site, I rely on Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) to share documents, spreadsheets, and other relevant information. Working "in the cloud", also allows me to work anywhere, even when I can't be at my own computer. If you have a Google Account, you have access to Google Drive. Otherwise, visit to get started.


Echosign offers consultants, businesses, and anyone else sending contracts and agreements online a secure and seamless way to record signatures. Learn more about Echosign by clicking here.


Hootsuite has been amazing in terms of organizing my Social Media presence and helping me manage my time online.  Not only can you see all of your social networks in one browser window, you can also schedule updates, review analytics, and add team members.

I use the reasonably priced pro version, as it comes with unlimited options the free version doesn't offer (RSS feeds, # of profiles, analytics).

Click here to sign up.

AWeber Email Marketing

I use AWeber to manage my newsletters and The Social Media Agenda.

You can use AWeber to create autoresponders, deliver self-study content, keep up with your contacts, and more.

They offer a 1-month trial for $1.

Try it now.