This is Why I’m Coaching

I like to joke about being a “bad” employee, the employee that acts like they own the business. The employee that tells the manager how to best supervise them. The employee that makes decisions they probably should have checked in with the manager about first. You know those employees. You may have fired them. Or […]

#StreetHarrassment is Not Flirting via @thetrudz #YouOKSis

Male privilege means that most men are never street harassed, period. Most are in denial that it exists altogether no different from from Whites who discount Black people’s experiences, cis heterosexuals who discount LGBTQ experiences or thin people who discount the existence of fat shaming and fatphobia; the oppressors’ privilege means they oppress while pretending […]

How do you manage your online presence?

I’ve been using Hootsuite for several years now, cutting the time I spend online in half. I’ve gone from toggling back and forth between tabs to manage my networks and manually updating static posts to having autoscheduler. This helps tremendously, because now I can spend my time actually engaging and connecting. I think more people […]